R&D outfit ready to roll

UNIVERSITY of Newcastle and Ampcontrol joint venture ResTech has received certification as a Registered Research Agency (RRA) by the Industry Research and Development Board in AusIndustry, allowing it to perform contracted research and development.
R&D outfit ready to roll R&D outfit ready to roll R&D outfit ready to roll R&D outfit ready to roll R&D outfit ready to roll

University of Newcastle and Ampcontrol joint venture ResTech

Angie Tomlinson

ResTech provides research and engineering capabilities in power and systems engineering, power and industrial electronics, as well as green technology, for heavy industry, mining, power distribution and defence.

As a Registered Research Agency, Restech is now capable of performing contracted R&D, in one or more classes of research activity, on behalf of eligible companies, or through a group of companies that have entered into a collaborative arrangement.

The RRA Program is an initiative of the Australian Government to increase links between public sector research and industry in order to improve access by small and medium companies to expert R&D assistance.

The program allows eligible companies to claim R&D expenditure as a tax deduction through the R&D Tax Concession when research work is carried out by an approved RRA. A particular benefit offered to companies that use an RRA is the ability to claim the R&D Tax Concession for contract prepayments up to 12 months in advance of the work being carried out.

“The development of ResTech provides a benchmark in co-operation between universities and industry. The venture will assist the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Newcastle achieve and maintain excellence in its core disciplines through support for undergraduate programs, post graduate funded projects and a professorial chair in power engineering,” Ampcontrol chief Dr Alan Broadfoot said.