State�s safest mine

THE Crinum longwall mine in Queensland has been recognised as having the state’s best coal mining safety management record.
State’s safest mine State’s safest mine State’s safest mine State’s safest mine State’s safest mine

BHP Billiton's Crinum mine, Queeensland.

Staff Reporter

The BHP Billiton-Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) operation in central Queensland was awarded Best Safety Management in Queensland (Central West Region) last week.

Speaking at the presentation, natural resources and mines minister Henry Palaszczuk said safety in Queensland's mining industry continued to improve, with the industry achieving one of the best safety performances ever recorded.

He said the lost time injury frequency rate of 4.6 in 2004-05 was the lowest ever recorded, and was an improvement of 26% from the previous year.

The mine had previously been awarded the Best Safety Management in Queensland perpetual trophy at the department's Mines Inspectorate annual presentation, which put the mine in the running for the recent award.

This earlier award recognised the effectiveness of Crinum’s risk and safety management on-site and the level of ownership of safety standards and procedures throughout the workforce.

The mine’s safety initiatives include daily Positive Attitude Safety System meetings while an integrated health, safety, environment and community risk management system is continually being developed.

Employees were also given the opportunity to participate in Operating Excellence projects, including a formal improvement structure that provides employees with a variety of improvement tools.