NLT pushes for US underground approval

IN RESPONSE to the recent fatalities in West Virginia and the push to amend US mine legislation, Canadian outfit Northern Light Technologies has partnered with automation specialist Embigence in a push to have its technology approved in the US.

Angie Tomlinson

The partnership aims to deliver a proven communication and safety solution to the coal industry. The solution, already installed in coal mines in Europe, includes internationally approved, intrinsically safe access points that support applications that improve safety by enabling early warning, enhancing response in emergency situations and support automation.

“To benefit from the latest technologies available and ready for use in the underground environment, North America should be open to international practices in terms of protection standards,” Embigence managing director Christoph Mueller said.

“The acceptance of devices and systems produced to worldwide-accepted standards is crucial to the safety and efficiency of coal operations in North America,” NLT sales and marketing VP James Hackwood said.

Hackwood will present the NLT/ Embigence communication and safety solution at MSHA’s public forum on underground mine rescue equipment and technology on March 13 at the National Press Club in Washington.