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AUSTRALIAN owned and operated since its launch in 1990, Wilson Mining Services boasts company directors with extensive experience in the coal industry coupled with expertise in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental management and commercial management.

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With the company’s administration centre and workshop located locally at Gateshead, New South Wales, Wilson Mining says it has a range of innovative, high technology products and is constantly looking for new improved systems and methods.

Wilson Mining Services offers the mining industry a number of specialised services including:

Rocsil Foam for cavity filling;

PUR injection for strata reinforcement;

Supply and installation of Micon seals and bulkheads;

Supply and installation of Quickseals – the world’s first rated flexible ventilation stopping;

Secondary support systems including cable bolting, roof bolting, flexibolts, rib bolts and other bolt types; and

Most recently, Fenoflex phenolic resin injection.

Wilson Mining Services is certified under ISO 9001 for Quality Assurance for its polyurethane, Micon seal and Rocsil Foam activities and has an excellent safety management system, which meets Australian Standards.

Fenoflex Resin Injection

The Fenoflex strata injection system is a flexible two-component product that provides major improvements in both safety and productivity when compared to current polyurethane injection systems, Wilson Mining said.

“Fenoflex is termed an ‘ultra safe’ injection product due to its low maximum exotherm – regardless of volume pumped, it will not burn and is antistatic,” the company said.

“The chemical composition of Fenoflex presents far less potential for health problems and is compared to household detergents and cement.”

Fenoflex improves productivity and does not require a maximum quantity pumped per hole; this can result in fewer holes that need to be drilled and pumped. It also has a much greater adhesive strength when compared to current polyurethane injection systems.

In addition to its high bonding and high compression strength, Fenoflex has elastic qualities that maintain stabilisation even after ground movements.

Rocsil Foam

Wilson Mining Services has completed over 400 Rocsil Foam applications since 2002 – at most longwall mines in NSW and QLD, as well as a successful application in New Zealand.

“Rocsil is a two-component product primarily used for rapid cavity filling on the longwall face, combating spontaneous combustion, stabilising highly fractured strata, sealing off underground heating and mine fires, cavity filling in gate road and sealing of roadways,” Wilson Mining said.

Due to Rocsil’s low exothermic reaction temperature, there is no risk of overheating and there is no limit on the quantity that can be pumped. The foam is applied using a metering pump and mixing gun.

Wilson Mining says Rocsil foam is the safest and most productive method of filling cavities in underground coal mines in the world, and reduces longwall down time by up to eight times.

Micon seals

Micon seals are used in mines with ground movement, gas and spontaneous combustion issues and have been developed within the guidelines of Wilson Mining Services’ quality management system.

“In 1996, Wilson Mining installed the first Micon seals at Cooranbong Colliery [Centennial Coal],” the company said.

“Micon seals are explosion resistant within one hour of completion and are capable of managing significant roadway convergence without diminishing pressure rating or sealing qualities.”

The polyurethane (PUR) is blended in Sydney to Micon specifications. The PUR and gravel are a matched system that will ensure correct core density.

PUR contours to the perimeter of the roadway and has excellent adhesive properties which form an airtight seal.

Quickseal Ventilation Stoppings

Quickseal stoppings are more cost effective than sprayed cementitious type stoppings and are an impermeable, fire resistant, antistatic composite substrate.

“An explosion rating is reached immediately on completion of installation and no dust or fumes are generated during installation,” Wilson Mining said.

“The stoppings are easily secured and effectively sealed to surrounding strata and deliver significant savings on underground materials transport, with transport costs reduced by up to 95 percent.”

PUR Injection (Marithan)

PUR injection offers stabilisation of fractured and unstable ground and sealing against water ingress, strata and gas.

Marithan is a two-component system mixed at a ratio of 1:1 by volume, and injection is carried out using metering pump and mixing gun.

Wilson Mining says PUR offers high bonding and compressive strength and has elastic qualities that will maintain reinforcement even after ground movement.

Marithan also provides low viscosity, good penetration into fine cracks and fissures and is a well proven, highly effective PUR injection system.

To find out more about Wilson Mining Services and its products, speak to its staff next week at the Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition 2006 at stand 2012.

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