Giving workers a lift

FLEXCO has introduced the latest in its line of products to help make work underground easier and safer.
Giving workers a lift Giving workers a lift Giving workers a lift Giving workers a lift Giving workers a lift

Flexco’s Flex-Lifter belt lifter tool.

Donna Schmidt

Published in the May 2007 American Longwall Magazine

The Flex-Lifter conveyor belt lifter boasts a safe lift rating of 4,000 pounds, the highest available for today’s conveyors. A portable beltline maintenance tool is designed to safely lift fully loaded troughed or flat conveyor belts.

The Flex-Lifter comes in two model types, medium for 36-60in belt widths and large for 48-72in belts. Each can lift both topside belts, troughed or flat, as well as return side belts. On the whole, “it’s a convenient, great safety device,” company spokesperson Brett DeVries said.

When not in use, the unusually light (approximately 60-75lb, depending on the model size) unit measures just 6 3/4in high in its closed position. Because very few areas of belt are exactly the same dimensions, the product’s adjustable legs can adjust for varied widths.

When open, the height of the medium unit comes in at 14in, while the large measures 16in. The minimal height of the closed unit makes the job of setting up belt splicing stations much easier, and the lift height permits ease of use and optimized safety.

Additionally, at full extension the medium unit was specifically intended to lift the belt to the top of the troughing idlers. A return lift bar is also included with both models to lift the return belt. The return lift bar on the medium-duty model is constructed of aluminum and steel for the heavy-duty, large model. Both are corrosion-resistant.

Reducing pinch point injuries was key in the tool’s design, according to Flexco.

Now in production serving operations in the US and abroad, the Flex-Lifter has seen one design alteration from predecessors – the addition of two more handles, allowing two workers to easily carry the unit for placement. With idler sets typically weighing in at well over 100 pounds and some operations counting on “homemade” solutions such as lumber pieces to do the work, the company said it is working hard to provide the easiest, safest and quickest solution.