Certification continues to grow

CERTIFICATION to ISO 9001 for quality management and to ISO 14001 for environmental management both increased by 16% during 2006.

Angie Tomlinson

The International Organization for Standardization said the findings of its annual survey showed the extent to which ISO's management system standards are now thoroughly integrated with the global economy.

“Twenty years after the launching of ISO 9001 and 11 years after the release of ISO 14001, which have both been regularly updated in the light of worldwide experience, the latest survey results show that ISO's management system standard formula continues to win over new converts," ISO secretary-general Alan Bryden said.

Up to the end of 2006, at least 897,866 ISO 9001:2000 certificates had been issued in 170 countries and economies.

Up to the end of December 2006, at least 129,199 ISO 14001:2004 certificates had been issued in 140 countries and economies.

Service providers accounted for 27% of all ISO 14001:2004 certificates issued up to the end of 2006.