Rajant, Caterpillar division team up

PENNSYLVANIA wireless communications firm Rajant, developer of BreadCrumbs, has inked a deal with Utah Caterpillar dealer Wheeler Machinery that would make Wheeler a reseller of and support contact to the BreadCrumb product line.
Rajant, Caterpillar division team up Rajant, Caterpillar division team up Rajant, Caterpillar division team up Rajant, Caterpillar division team up Rajant, Caterpillar division team up

Courtesy Rajant Corporation.

Angie Tomlinson

"We are very excited to partner with a member of the Caterpillar dealer network. We believe this agreement will offer Rajant the opportunity to reach many new mining and construction customers while providing Wheeler's world-class support," Rajant mining senior vice president Gary Anderson said Wednesday.

"Wheeler is an institution built from a history of experience, product knowledge, and an intense desire to serve its customers. It is obvious that customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of their business philosophy."

Rajant officials added that Wheeler would be a "key partner" in not only the sales, but also the delivery, installation, training and support of the system to its western customers. Wheeler holds 13 regional offices and serves mines in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming.

Wheeler Machinery equipment management general manager Todd Rigby said the collaboration was a positive one for it as well. "The Rajant BreadCrumb solution has helped mining and construction companies become safer and much more efficient with their operations.

"We are excited about the opportunity to utilize Rajant's BreadCrumbs as part of technology solutions we offer to our customers. We believe this technology will prove to be a true competitive advantage to those companies who choose to implement it."

For more information on the BreadCrumbs technology, check out the upcoming March 2008 edition of Coal USA Magazine.

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