CMM conference coming to China

THE Guizhou CMM Mitigation Leadership and the Guizhou Environmental Protection Bureau are sponsoring a coal mine methane recovery and utilisation workshop in Guiyang, Guizhou, China in July.

Donna Schmidt

Among the topics planned for the event, set for July 16 and 17, are CMM utilisation as a clean energy resource and the demonstration and introduction of other viable technologies and internal combustion gas engines.

Attendees will also examine the financial side of CMM projects and discuss the Clean Development Mechanism. Another demonstration on mine methane drainage technology and discussion on how drainage can prevent coal and gas outburst accidents are also a part of the planned activities.

Guizhou coal mine representatives and other related CMM industry representatives will be on hand, including gas engine and drilling companies and developers of CMM and CDM projects regionally and worldwide.

The workshop is being organised by the Guizhou International Cooperation Center for Environmental Protection through a grant from the Methane to Markets Partnership.