West Virginia miner injured

A PINNING accident has left one worker at a Massey Energy underground operation in southern West Virginia injured and hospitalised.

Donna Schmidt

In an interview with ILN Wednesday, Massey spokesman Jeff Gillenwater confirmed the accident at Elk Run Coal's Roundbottom Powellton operation.

The worker was pinched between the miner boom and the coal rib and airlifted to a regional hospital.

“He has no broken bones, and he and his family were told his injuries were not life threatening," Gillenwater said.

While the worker's name was not released initially, news outlet West Virginia MetroNews said Wednesday afternoon that the man hurt was Shannon Dolin, 33, of Foster.

According to state officials, the five-year mining veteran had worked at the complex for about 18 months.

The operation, which commenced production in 2006, reported a non-fatal days lost (NFDL) rate of 1.36 in 2007 when it produced 540,795 tons.

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