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MINE Site Technologies is planning to release it latest open pit and surface communication technologies at QME. Long associated with underground communications, MST has been increasingly involved in surface communication systems.

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An alliance with Rajant Corporation has strengthened MST’s surface technologies by introducing the most advanced wireless mesh communications available to a range of mining applications. Initial Australian installations have been in both underground and surface applications.

MST and Rajant personnel will be on hand to discuss these as well as the largest wireless mesh system in the world, at the Kennecott Mine in Utah.

The Kennecott requirement was to manage over 85 of the 300 ton haul trucks and 62 pieces of auxiliary gear that include dozers and graders. In addition, Kennecott needed to connect 12 shovels, pumps, operations vehicles and other production equipment in to the wireless network for control and management.

This large mesh system provided the data back bone that allowed the download of machine data and engine diagnostics in real-tie throughout the open pit area - something previous technologies had not been able to do due to the size of the operation and the shadow zones within the pit.

The self configuring mesh has been easily expanded by simply adding additional Mesh BreadCrumbs to the system on any new prices of plant arriving on site.

MST looks forward to discussing this and other high data technologies at their Booth 7010 at QME.

Denis Kent



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