Rescue teams get full outburst view

VIRTUAL reality technology was employed to create a very real situation for competitors at last week's mine rescue competition at the Newcastle Mines Rescue Station, where a team consisting of members from West Wallsend, Awaba, Tasman and Myuna came out on top.

Angie Tomlinson

The local mines rescue competition, held June 20, was conducted entirely onsite utilising a full virtual reality suite of presentations.

A 360-degree theatre was used to display the visual effect of an outburst to a competing team that then had to deal with resulting casualties requiring resuscitation and CPR.

The I-domes were used to test the mine plan reading capabilities of the team, requiring the participants to negotiate their way around a “virtual” underground panel.

Roof fall and subsequent treatment of impact injuries was demonstrated and assessed using a 180-degree environment.

Competitors also participated in sections including lifting bags, ventilation calculation, individual practical, theory, hot and humid procedures and stretcher carrying procedures.

All teams were selected on a random basis from the group of competitors with the winning team consisting of Alex Lidwinski (Captain), West Wallsend; Greg Harman (V Capt), Awaba; Greg Bell, Tasman; Allan Marsh, Myuna; Dean Taylor, West Wallsend; and Steven Radley, Myuna.

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