VISITORS to central Queensland’s Mining and Engineering Exhibition, July 22 – 24, 2008 in Mackay, can see an impressive line-up of mining equipment presented by Bucyrus at stand 9175.
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Escondida's first 4100XPB shovel loads 360 ton trucks at an average of 116,000 tpd, and peaks of over 154,000 tpd.

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Since its acquisition of DBT in 2007, Bucyrus now boasts a complete range of mining equipment for both surface and underground mining.

As these machines are too big to exhibit, Bucyrus will display scale models of draglines, shovels and drills, allowing visitors to gain an understanding of their fascinating technology.

The aftermarket on display will be the Performance Engineered Aftermarket Kits for your surface mining equipment.

Underground exhibits include longwall automation equipment, and the AFC power chain.

The innovative Bucyrus staple retainer – a major breakthrough in safety technology – makes its debut at QME 2008.


Walking Draglines continue to be a primary excavating tool in many surface mining operations worldwide – and Bucyrus builds the biggest in the world. Operating 24/7 over an average life of 40 years, they are a key excavating tool in many surface mines worldwide.

Bucyrus draglines reach depths of 65m with bucket capacities up to 168 cubic meters and lifting loads of up to 340 tonnes to offer the lowest material removal cost per tonne in the industry. More than 15 dragline specifications are available, and Bucyrus application engineers work with customers to tailor each model to specific needs.

Electric mining shovels

Bucyrus continues to advance the design and technology of electric mining shovels to provide maximum productivity for overburden removal and ore mining. Utilizing the latest technology, these shovels offer superior digging forces and rapid cycle times. Customers the world over rely on us for innovative, high-reliability electric shovels and outstanding support services.

Blastholes drills

Since introducing the first drill of this design in 1952, Bucyrus has continued to find new ways to make them even more effective. Our rotary blasthole drills offer the most reliable, productive and cost-effective means of drilling for mining operations. Notable recent refinements include programmed drill control, rack and pinion pull-down and hydrostatic propel drives.



The Performance Engineered Aftermarket Kits for your surface mining equipment are a comprehensive package of components for many common maintenance and repair projects. These kits help you to maintain your machines, increase productivity, enhance profitability and boost your bottom line.

Longwall Automation

The PMC family is a new generation of controllers designed to meet the control needs of a whole range of applications in underground mining and explosion-hazard areas. The modular family integrates fully with Bucyrus longwall equipment: One-stop shopping, quick commissioning, and no interfacing problems.

The PMC-R is Bucyrus’s state-of-the-art automated control for longwall roof support applications. Based on the PM 4, it combines the best features of that system with additional features operators wanted. The result is an innovative electrohydraulic shield control contributing to full automation of the longwall. Designed with the future in mind, it can be used as part of an integrated longwall control system or as a standalone controller for applications such as chain tensioning.

In combination with Bucyrus Controlled Start Transmission (CST) drives, the PMC-D drive controller and PMC-V for visualization – offer control of AFC drives with unparalleled integration of overall system control. Consolidating the functionality previously contained in two units, the PMC-D has all the necessary hardware and field-proven CST control algorithms to control a drive system effectively.

Power chain

The faster you mine, the faster you have to move the coal away from the face. The new Bucyrus Power Chain helps achieve this by providing high-reliability, high-availability transportation with design features that ensure low wear and long service life.

The arc-shaped broad cross-section of the flight bars allows a low-profile line pan, while the special shape of the chain provides a large running surface where required. This drastically reduces surface pressure and wear at chain joints – resulting in significantly longer service life of chain and drive sprocket than conventional systems.

Staple retainers debut

A staple retainer developed by Bucyrus Australia enhances longwall safety. Staples are commonly used to secure fittings in high-pressure fluid power systems of longwall mining equipment. The failure of a staple can cause a hose or fitting to fail or break loose, with the potential to cause serious injury and even death.

The Bucyrus staple retainer prevents both staple walk-out and fitting movement in the event of a staple leg failure. Currently offered in four sizes to fit staple sizes DN10, DN12, DN19 and DN25, the retainers fit both square and round connectors. Easy to install and colored by staple size, they are made of fire-resistant material and designed to ensure correct installation and tension, and to allow easy visual inspection. The staple retainer is an inexpensive easy-to-use retrofittable device that substantially enhances safety in longwalls.

About Bucyrus International, Inc.

Bucyrus International, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high productivity mining equipment for surface and underground mining. BUCYRUS surface equipment is used for mining coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands and other minerals, and underground equipment is used primarily for mining coal. In addition to machine manufacturing, Bucyrus manufactures high-quality OE parts and provide world-class support services for their equipment. Bucyrus International, Inc. is headquartered in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.


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