Centennial minimises risk

CENTENNIAL Coal has signed a new deal with software and services provider Dyadem to supply risk assessment programs at 12 New South Wales-based mine sites.

Claire Svircas

The partnership was announced this week at MINExpo in Las Vegas.

Centennial also signed a memorandum of understanding at MINExpo with equipment supplier Joy for Australia’s first flexible conveyor train which will be delivered to its Clarence mine in New South Wales next year.

Chief risk officer for Centennial, John Hempenstall, said Dyadem’s software will be used to conduct risk assessments and provide management solutions to minimise risk and maintain safety.

“The ability to monitor and mitigate risks related to job safety, process hazards, machinery reliability and other operational and environmental aspects allows us to develop vital risk profiles for each of the sites,” Hempenstall said.

“These profiles will assist us to improve safety, increase mine productivity and protect the environment and therefore support a sustainable business model.”

Hempenstall said with 12 sites spread across NSW, maintaining consistent risk management standards, and proactively identifying high-risk factors, had been a time-consuming and resource intensive process for Centennial.

He explained Dyadem’s risk assessment and management solutions would connect a variety of risk assessment methodologies together, enabling Centennial to use a single, integrated platform for managing risk across all its locations.

“Standardisation and user-friendliness were our top priorities when we chose the new Risk Lifecycle Management software,” Hempenstall said.

“Dyadem’s software empowers our managers by cutting down on the time they are spending on paperwork and provides a consistent format for everyone.”

Chief executive of Dyadem, Kevin North, said by using Dyadem’s risk assessment and management solutions, Centennial can evaluate procedures closely, and easily identify any high-risk processes which may have an impact on the environment. He said this will ensure regulatory compliance at each site.

“In the mining industry, managing risk is crucial, not just as a compliance requirement. It is part of being a responsible corporate citizen,” North said.

“Our software will assist Centennial to maintain its firm commitment to safety and risk management.”

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