BASF launches new MEYCO products

BASF North America’s Underground Construction Group has lifted the curtain on its new polyurethane and urea silicate injection portfolio, under the brand name MEYCO, specifically for the coal mining industry.
BASF launches new MEYCO products BASF launches new MEYCO products BASF launches new MEYCO products BASF launches new MEYCO products BASF launches new MEYCO products

MEYCO MP 367 Foam. Courtesy BASF.

Donna Schmidt

The portfolio includes three new products, the first being two-component urea silicate technology MEYCO MP 364 Flex that can provide an improved performance over traditional polyurethanes. Also new is MEYCO MP 367 Foam, a urea silicate product alternative for filling large voids and mine cavities, and MEYCO MP 357 GS, considered by the company to be a traditional, high performance two-component polyurethane that is ideal for ground stabilization.

"Ground stabilization and ground control are very important to building a safe, efficient, and long-term mining operation," according to BASF underground coal segment specialist Haydn Whittam.

"With BASF's innovative line of injection products for underground coal mining, we contribute to the protection of our customers from potentially poor ground conditions and the associated financial and environmental consequences."

BASF noted that the products in the line, which were developed to improve both production and safety at mines, were comprehensively tested and are now available on globally.

"BASF maintains a strong focus on product stewardship and a commitment to providing the highest quality mining solutions," Whittam said.

"We train our customers on the practical handling, usage, storage and disposal of all of these products to help them ensure optimal mining environments for their employees."

Aside from the new injection products, BASF also offers concrete admixtures, backfill products, corrosion and abrasion control systems, and thin spray-on liners for the mining industry.

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