Strata takes NLT dealer mantle

STRATA Safety Products has been appointed NL Technologies’ newest US distributor.
Strata takes NLT dealer mantle Strata takes NLT dealer mantle Strata takes NLT dealer mantle Strata takes NLT dealer mantle Strata takes NLT dealer mantle

NLT's LED Lithium Ion Northern Light Eclipse mining cap lamp.

Angie Tomlinson

Strata will sell the Northern Light Cap Lamps, including the lightweight intrinsically safe

Eclipse and the new cordless all-in-one cap lamp, the Polaris, as well as representing

NLT Digital.

“Strata have tremendous coal mining expertise and a national reach, which will go a long way to helping us help end users in choosing the most reliable and safe network for their underground applications,” NLT president Heidi Levitt said.

NLT Digital is an intrinsically safe open-standards 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi-based network for tracking and communicating with underground coal miners.

NLT offers a full range of network solutions for both coal and metal mining, including IS standard fiber-based access points (NetPort-IS), and the new (Net-Portable) node, a fully portable access point housed in a lightweight Pelican case which allows mines to set up temporary communications networks for applications like mine rescue, for temporary work zones, or for network expansions.

NLT Digital also offers NLT Messenger, an IS two-way text messaging product in a Northern Light GII cap lamp, Wi-Fi and RFID tracking of people and equipment, fuel monitoring and access control solutions as well as VoIP communications.

Strata will add the products to its range of emergency mine refuge chambers and breathing air systems.