West Virginia opens up to CommTrac

STRATA Products Worldwide has received West Virginian approval for its Strata CommTrac wireless communications system, and it plans to soon release its HazardLink product.
West Virginia opens up to CommTrac West Virginia opens up to CommTrac West Virginia opens up to CommTrac West Virginia opens up to CommTrac West Virginia opens up to CommTrac

Strata CommTrac nodes, image courtesy of SPW.

Blair Price

The West Virginia Office of Miner’s Health, Safety and Training has found that the system met its requirements for emergency communications and tracking.

All components of the system have already been federally approved by the US Mine Safety and Health Administration.

“We are very excited about this recent approval because, having experienced such successful market penetration into other states, this approval will open many doors for us in West Virginia,” SPW chief operating officer Mike Berube said.

“We will now be able to provide non-compliant mines, and mines with inefficient systems, with a better solution for communications and tracking.”

SPW is working on releasing its HazardLink wireless communication device which is installed into its HazardAvert Tracking Display Pod.

The HazardAvert proximity detection system tracks and logs all system activities and alerts during operation and this data is retrieved via Bluetooth on a handheld device.

“Through the introduction of HazardLink, safety and training data can be continuously transmitted to the surface wirelessly through Strata CommTrac or via Wi-Fi,” SPW said.

“All live activity recorded by HazardAvert will be immediately available to surface operators on a user friendly interface.”

Future enchancements to HazardLink are aimed to “enable the future inclusion of production matrices”