Joy delivers new shearers to China

JOY Mining Machinery (China) has just delivered two 6LS5s shearers to the Shendong Coal Company. Shendong is part of the Shenhua Group and located in a remote part of the Shaanxi province, 1000 kilometers west of Beijing.

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These are the first Joy shearers in China with AC haulages and are rated at 110kW. One of the shearers was due to start production at the Bulianta mine this month. The 6LS5 shearer has a maximum flitting speed of 20m per minute and a normal cutting speed of 8m per minute. Higher speeds are limited by outbye coal clearance.

Bulianta longwall produced 4.8Mt in 2001 and the new Bulianta face started in August this year with the aim of producing 10Mtpa. The mineÂ’s panel lengths are 3000m and are increasing to 5000m, or 4.2-7.0Mt per panel. Face length is the standard 250-255m.

The other shearer will start production at ShendongÂ’s new Sun Jia Gou mine in September. This mine is planned at an output of 10Mtpa.

Joy said it was also delivering a 7LS6 with 750kW arms to Shenhua later this year, to be despatched from the US in November/December. This machine will have the largest ranging arms that Joy has ever made.

“The new 750kW arms are designed to suit the hard cutting conditions in the Shendong mines and meet the customers request for enhanced reliablity and longer turn round times between overhauls,” Joy said.

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