Komatsu's 300

MINING equipment maker Komatsu is seeking to employ 300 technicians across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia in its biggest ever recruiting drive.

Komatsu's 300 Komatsu's 300 Komatsu's 300 Komatsu's 300 Komatsu's 300

Komatsu has launched its largest ever recruiting drive.

The campaign, aimed at ameliorating the effects of the skills shortage already starting to hit mining, is thought to be the most targeted ever in the industry.

It is intended to identify and give opportunities to highly capable technicians who want to be part of the machinery sector and take advantage of global opportunities.

Komatsu has identified related industries such as the military, marine and aeronautic sectors as well as the passenger vehicle, light and heavy commercial vehicle markets as catchment areas for potential candidates.

It does not rule out people wanting to make a complete career switch though.
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