MO and Malvern to get it sorted

METSO Outotec and Malvern Panalytical have signed a collaboration agreement to provide sensor-based bulk ore sorting solutions for the mining industry.
MO and Malvern to get it sorted MO and Malvern to get it sorted MO and Malvern to get it sorted MO and Malvern to get it sorted MO and Malvern to get it sorted

An illustration of a Metso Outotec plant.

The companies plan to bring together their expertise in crushing and bulk material handling solutions and ore analysers.

Metso Outotec vice-president digital technologies Rashmi Kasat said sustainability was a top priority for the industry.

"Collaboration with partners like Malvern Panalytical will allow us to meet the industry's increasing sustainability and resource efficiency needs in an enhanced way in the early comminution stage," he said.

"Sensor-based bulk ore sorting and data-driven analytics upgrades low-grade or waste stockpiles, making them economical and far less energy-intensive to treat."

The collaboration will bring Malvern Panalytical's cross-belt analysers to Metso Outotec's comminution offerings.

Malvern Panalytical sales manager Jarmo Lohilahti said its cross-belt analysers provided high frequency online data for bulk material analysis of major commodities.

"This collaboration enables customers to benefit from the in-depth know-how of both companies," he said.

Metso Outotec bulk ore sorting business development lead Renato Verdejo said bulk ore sorting allowed rock elimination early in the process and could provide more sustainable flowsheets for customers when combined with Metso Outotec's crushing and bulk material handling solutions.

"Enhanced bulk ore sorting will contribute to Metso Outotec's Planet Positive portfolio," he said.

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