Cordless tools enhance mine site safety

New long-life battery technologies are helping to remove slip and trip accidents on mine sites.

Cordless tools enhance mine site safety Cordless tools enhance mine site safety Cordless tools enhance mine site safety Cordless tools enhance mine site safety Cordless tools enhance mine site safety

Enerpac battery-powered cordless hydraulic tools reduce on-site trip hazards. Pictured are two new additions to the range, Including the ZC3308JE pump, left, and the XC1502TE torque wrench pump, right


New long-life battery technologies are helping to remove slip and trip accidents resulting from electrical cords in service workshops and across mine sites.

Technology has reached a point where cordless alternatives (such as hydraulic pumps) can now offer the same performance as their corded counterparts, with a sufficient charge capacity to last whole shifts without needing to replace or recharge the battery. An additional bonus is that they can be used in locations where there's limited or no access to power, such as underground or remote sites.

"The advent of more powerful and portable battery tools is very welcome, because mine sites don't need the additional risk of cords as a trip hazard," says Enerpac Asia-Pacific Marketing Manager Antony Cooper.

"Enerpac cordless pumps are ideally suited to general mine maintenance, lifting, pushing and positioning, as well as off-site companies working on mining related products," he said.

"Mine sites already have tools, debris, uneven surfaces and raw materials to contend with, and safety-conscious Australian companies are always looking at ways to reduce hazards," he says.

Another risk curtailed by cordless tools is electrocution. Despite being preventable, Australians die from electrocution every year, mostly due to equipment cords or extension leads lying in water and someone accidentally stepping on them or otherwise touching them.

Worker and visitor safety are top priorities for Australian construction companies, and there's also legal and insurance liabilities if they don't ensure a Standards-compliant and totally safe environment.

New lightweight tools make the job even easier

Enerpac is introducing its latest additions to its globally-leading hydraulic tool range, which include lightweight cordless battery-powered hydraulic pumps, designed for outstanding portability and safety, including:

  • New ZC3308JE and ZC3408JE pumps, which weigh less than 30 kilograms and provide a high-flow cordless solution. The ZC-Series pumps have an 8-litre reservoir capacity, 0.52l/min flow at rated pressure and reduced noise level of 80 dB a maximum. They are designed to handle, for example, 50 lifting cycles with an RC1006 95-ton cylinder, or 90 cycles of the equally widely used RC504 55-ton cylinder on a single charge.

ZCs save users time and money by eliminating the need for a generator and extension cords. The brushless 1.0 kW (1.4 hp) motor and 3-stage pumps maximise pump and tool productivity while minimising heat build-up and downtime. Safety of the pump is enhanced by a 3m pendant cord for hassle-free operation.

  • New XC1302SE and XC1502TE torque wrench pumps, which weigh just 11 kilograms and feature an interactive pendant that can be operated in manual or auto-cycle mode. The pendant allows the operator to store a set operating pressure. The pump has an easily accessible user adjustable relief valve for precise pressure control along with a bladder reservoir that allows the pump to be used in any position.

These latest XC pumps complement Enerpac's market leading range of hexagonal and square drive professional high torque hydraulic wrenches, backed nationally by Enerpac's long-established service and supply networks to ensure optimum uptime and reliability.

Practical advice on tool selection

"As a global leader in high pressure (700 bar) hydraulic tools, Enerpac is committed to the safety of its end users. In fact, we have a global ‘Goal Zero' initiative, where our aim is for zero safety incidents to occur while using Enerpac tools worldwide," said Mr Cooper.

It's also important to be practical about tool selection, he says. "There are many situations where a corded tool is totally safe, and the cords are completely out of anyone's way. It's when they become a trip hazard to mine site workers or visitors that a cordless option greatly enhances safety."

For more information, visit the Enerpac website.