Remote access to machinery and assets in the field

Now more important than ever

Remote access to machinery and assets in the field Remote access to machinery and assets in the field Remote access to machinery and assets in the field Remote access to machinery and assets in the field Remote access to machinery and assets in the field


Remote access to your valuable machinery and assets in the field has never been more important or simpler.

At present, about 5 % of your machine data is transferred to a localised controller and 95 % is lost although you could effectively and easily capture this data to optimise your installation.

Until now, it was very time-consuming and cost-intensive to install central monitoring, analysis and further processing of sensor data.

Collection and monitoring of data from remote critical assets such as processing plant, conveyors, ship loaders, mobile machinery such as stacker/reclaimers, heavy haul trucks, excavators etc has, until now, only been connected to a locally closed wiring system within the machine itself.

Technology advancement opens the pathway to easily gather quick and accurate machine data and health allowing for rapid and immediate response.

Process and production issues such as machine stoppages, reliability, production rates and predictive machine condition are only a few areas where companies can improve on efficiencies and overall equipment effectiveness, (OEE).

Australian manufacturing and production is in a position to make some serious headway with improving many facets of their operations.

The heavy focus and mindset must head towards being globally competitive.

This can only occur with quick accurate data from connected machine sensor technologies to improve quality, remove unnecessary downtime and increasing produced goods at a lower cost.

Now, monitoring of decentralised processes and installations can be implemented without much fuss.

ifm has been at the forefront with development of connected sensor technologies for over 50 years.

The data from your machinery and assets has been unlocked and is now completely visible within a companies' network or completely removed from your companies IT (for security reasons) or the asset is so remote you need a stand-alone system.

All industries are going through these changes to introduce and integrate highly efficient and effective sensing technologies.

ifm have successfully integrated these connected sensing solutions to not only mining but also into most other industries globally.

Food & beverage manufacturers, water supply & wastewater authorities, agricultural machinery, HVAC, commercial building systems to name a few that have benefited from having connected sensors and machinery.  

This allows for extended and advanced diagnostics of sensors and the possibility to conduct parameter setting due to bidirectional communication.

Sensors, controllers and HMI displays are developed by ifm for tough applications to ensure reliable operation virtually round the clock.

Sophisticated information with diagnostic operational data can be transmitted displayed and evaluated directly onto your server making troubleshooting very easy.