Safer mill relines

OUTOTEC has released a seven-axis beam mill reline machine to make mill relines safer.
Safer mill relines Safer mill relines Safer mill relines Safer mill relines Safer mill relines

The Outotec seven axis beam mill reline machine.

Noel Dyson

According to Outotec the machine is the only MRM that complies with the European Machinery Directive.

The beam MRM can be manoeuvred using a conventional rail arrangement or any optional tyre drive system that provides increased flexibility for transport around the mill deck.

A travelling liner cart with powered slew for rotating liners and a crane with seven degrees of freedom for manipulation of the liners inside the mill makes for safe, efficient and reliable operation.

The MRM has a radio remote control with pendant back up to allow operators who need flexibility to closely observe working areas still have full control of the reline machine.

It also has a feedback screen that provides real-time information to the operator and a state-of-the-art electro-hydraulic proportional control system.

Outotec MRM product manager Ruari Soutar-Dawson said the company wanted to make mill relining safer.

“It’s one of those high risk environments so you need to either design out the hazards all together or implement proper safety equipment and systems to make sure people are as safe as possible,” Soutar-Dawson said.

“It has been an immensely challenging and rewarding opportunity to develop this machine entirely in house.

“Starting from a clean sheet design and utilising our extensive experience in CAD modelling, drafting, finite element analysis and fatigue analysis, electrical engineering, and programmable logic circuit programing we have total control over the development and continued evolution of the equipment.”

Outotec grinding product line vice-president Brian Berger said the MRM had been rated as a crane, which meant it had to comply with higher safety standards.

“In order to define it as a crane it must meet multiple different safety standards, including load limiting devices and redundant control systems both in electric and hydraulic controls,” he said.