Titomic screw for German crew

AUSTRALIAN digital manufacturing solutions company Titomic is to make metal parts for the extruder technology market under an agreement with German plastic extruder parts manufacturer C.A.PICARD.
Titomic screw for German crew Titomic screw for German crew Titomic screw for German crew Titomic screw for German crew Titomic screw for German crew

The TKF process close-up

Under the deal Titomic will use its kinetic fusion additive manufacturing process to build a prototype hardened metal extrusion screw, at an initial cost of US$25,965 (A$37,015).

TKF has a unique metal additive manufacturing capability that boosts wear resistance and cuts production time.

The prototype is designed to slash costs and test potential improvements in wear resistance.

Once C.A.PICARD puts the prototype through its paces in test trials Titomic and C.A.PICARD will draw up a contract for Titomic to make single, twin and multi-screw extrusion systems at its facility in Melbourne for C.A.PICARD to distribute to major markets in Europe, Asia, America and the Far East.

The global plastic extrusion machine market made sales worth $6.05 billion in 2017, with the figure expected to hit $8.24 billion by 2025.

Titomic managing director Jeff Lang said partnering with C.A.PICARD to additively manufacture its extrusion screw products showcased the unique capability of Titomic Kinetic Fusion to utilise tooling steels to be cost competitive against traditional metal manufacturing processes.

"We believe that by partnering with visionary industry leaders like C.A.PICARD, Titomic can improve the efficiency of metal manufacturing and mechanical performance properties to provide real commercial benefits to our customers," he said.

C.A.PICARD global head of research and development Michael Busenbecker said the future lay in finding efficiency without compromising value and quality, with the company looking forward to working with Titomic on the project and producing the best quality parts for the extruder market.

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