Sensei the disruptor

AUSTRALIAN science agency the CSIRO is looking for partners to bring its Sensei groundwater sensor system to market.
Sensei the disruptor Sensei the disruptor Sensei the disruptor Sensei the disruptor Sensei the disruptor

CSIRO's SENSEI team at Heathgate Resources where sensors have been deployed for a 12-month trial

The automated multi-sensor system speeds up the environmental monitoring process and gives mining operators and water managers access to real-time data so they can monitor and manage groundwater impacts more efficiently.

Its multi-sensor system can collect data on pH, reduction potential, temperature and conductivity at the same time thanks to CSIRO's patented pH sensor and reference electrode based on advanced sensor chemistry and materials.

The Sensei is a robust piece of equipment that can sit in groundwater wells and aquifers for months at a time without needing to be calibrated or maintained.

The methods used to monitor groundwater at the moment typically involve time and money so companies can save while doing their bit for the environment.

CSIRO research leader Dr Kathie McGregor said Sensei helped solve the challenges of environmental monitoring and resource performance by giving users immediate access to data, which meant any anomalies could be detected quickly and action taken as soon as possible.

She said Sensei's performance had been put to the test in a real-world setting at Heathgate Resources' Four Mile West uranium mine in South Australia, with the system still going strong 12 months later.



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