Isamill maintenance goes mobile

MOVING with the times, Glencore Technology has transformed its Isamill maintenance product into a mobile app.
Isamill maintenance goes mobile Isamill maintenance goes mobile Isamill maintenance goes mobile Isamill maintenance goes mobile Isamill maintenance goes mobile

A worker using the IMIS app.

The Isamill Maintenance Information System works on most mobile devices including phones and tablets.

The mobile space is starting to become popular for asset managers. There are a number of original equipment manufacturers and maintenance software providers either developing or offering mobile and tablet-based asset management solutions.

Those solutions vary from quite basic checklists with simple reporting functions through to more complex reporting systems.

Dingo executive chairman Paul Higgins told Australia's Mining Monthly that the company would be doing work in the mobile space.

"We're definitely seeing the workforce wants information at their fingertips," he said.

Another asset management specialist Asseton has released its Krackon. That tablet tool allows maintenance personnel to have their checklist and relevant procedures in front of them, mark up exactly where a fault they have discovered is on a three-dimensional model and also include photos of the problem.

Glencore Technology's IMIS app will let Isamill operators manage maintenance, work tasks and mill availability and also get analysis and benchmark performance comparisons.

As a maintenance management app it will let operations get wear rates on components of their mill, the expected life remaining for each part, what spare parts are being used during inspections, when expected works are required and information about uptime and downtime.

As a performance improvement app an operation can pose "what if" scenarios, track cumulative consumption, analyse performance over time, track the entire life of the mill and store photographs of key parts and events.

Glencore Technology aftermarket and support manager Tim Shea said the app could improve mill performance significantly in a short time.

"It is several tools in one," he said.

"And from a great deal of data and comparisons, perhaps the biggest gain is that an operation can quickly work to reduce maintenance, increase availability and extend the life of their mill."

Shea said the system aggregated data from other mills around the world - without revealing their identities - making it a valuable and rare benchmarking opportunity.

"What we're chasing for every mill customer is the chance to draw on the breadth of Isamill installations around the world, so they can improve the performance of their own mill," he said.

"They can even predict factors, like how long components will last on their own site.

"At the same time, they can learn from the community of Isamill operators.

"I don't know of any other mill technology prepared to draw real world data and provide so much to their operations."