5G is here and now

HERE Technologies has teamed with Ericsson to roll out fifth generation communication technology to the Australian mining industry including custom map making and location services.
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The future is now

As part of an agreement Here will run its location services on Ericsson's 5G-enable private cellular networks to build continuously updated private maps on the location platform.

Mapping private terrain and pinpointing and navigating assets in real-time can help companies improve operational efficiency and safety, with the live map able to be used to search or track assets, fleet telemetrics and analytics.

Miners can map out their mine sites or build custom maps of their operations, with companies able to deploy on-premise cellular networks for exclusive use, with the cellular range able to be extended to remote areas and underground tunnels.

Ericsson head of dedicated network and vice-president Thomas Norén said Ericsson was partnering with Here due to the breadth of Here's location services, which ranged from mapping to routing, positioning and asset tracking.

"Combining our advanced private network solutions with Here services will give mining firms a head start on their digitalisation journey," he said.

Here Technologies general manager and senior vice-president Gino Ferru said the company looked forward to increasing the productivity and safety of the mining industry by bringing location services to Ericsson's customers.

"With our private mapping capabilities, we enable mining companies to unleash the power of their location data in many important use cases," he said.