RPM rolls out Enterprise Optimiser

TECHNOLOGY firm RPM Global has released Enterprise Optimiser, a software package it says can assess capital investment strategies across multiple mines and operations to optimise net present value.
RPM rolls out Enterprise Optimiser RPM rolls out Enterprise Optimiser RPM rolls out Enterprise Optimiser RPM rolls out Enterprise Optimiser RPM rolls out Enterprise Optimiser

Paul Hunt

Deputy Editor: Energy & Commodities

Paul Hunt

RPM says its software can evaluate capex spending across multiple mine sites and plants and generate recommendations to boost production and increase profitability.

It was designed from the ground up, leveraging algorithms and libraries of information, and incorporates data provided by the user.

Perhaps one of the most exciting offerings the software provides is the capability to look at a mining company in its entirety. It provides a bigger picture view of operations.

According to RPM this compares to other solutions that, while able to optimise NPV, do not have this ability to incorporate multiple mine sites, processing facilities, and other operations.

It said a holistic view was important because the best option for NPV improvement for one mine site might not provide the best outcome for an organisation as a whole.

"Our new Enterprise Optimiser optimises the key objectives of the organisation across individual mine sites and considers both the mining and processing operations at the same time," RPM chief executive Richard Mathews said.  

"This is critical in understanding not only how the individual mine plans are related but also where the organisation gets the greatest return for shareholders from their invested capital." 

The software is applicable to all commodities.

It also allows a user to look at a single period, or short term, as well as the entire lifetime of the mine.

"It's pleasing to see a product like this come to life as it genuinely solves a problem that the mining industry has been grappling with manually for years," Mathews said.