White Dog International

White Dog International is an Australian based company specialising in Mining, Oil & Gas and Heavy Industry solutions for safety, training & production optimisation.

Our mission is to increase your profitability whilst decreasing your safety incidents and downtime.

WDI uses innovative and tested methods from a collaboration of experience in a multitude of Industry Sectors. WDI provides reliable and current on client site consulting, training and auditing services while offering flexibility.

WDI is an Australian owned and operated Registered Training Organisation-RTO #45367 specialising in delivering Australian accredited training to onsite locations around the globe.

Our team offers a solid skillset from industry experience, which can identify safety and operational areas for improvement and optimisation.


WDI offers a range of technical services including:

  • Production plant optimisation and troubleshooting
  • Risk assessments including job safety and hazard analysis
  • Shutdown management & streamlining
  • Permit to work and isolation systems
  • Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)
  • Site operating procedures including high risk – review and development
  • Production log sheet review and development
  • Operational monitoring tools
  • Company standards – review and compliance

WDI is involved in the development and review of site operating procedures, consultation on shutdown planning and management including mill relines.

We can provide assistance in the development and review of company standards and documentation.


We offer a range of safety and machinery courses delivering accredited training to your employees providing them with the necessary skills to perform safely and competently in high risk work environments.


WDI can also customise and develop training and assessment materials to target specific areas of your workforce. This approach is beneficial to ensure training and learning is optimised for individual site requirements while focused for different countries and cultures.


WDI has extensive safety inspection experience including rectification of compliance issues. Services available include:

  • Auditing of safety systems
  • Review and profiling of Permit to Work and isolations systems
  • Lock out tag out (LOTO) procedures
  • High risk documentation
  • Site operating procedures
  • Safety compliance audits



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Safety, training, production optimisation in heavy industry

Safety, training, production optimisation in heavy industry

A robust training program will keep the safety of those conducting tasks.