We are one of only two end to end infrastructure owner operators in Australia and New Zealand, and the only one whose primary business focus is satellite solutions.

With more than $3.5 billion of assets in space, offices in Sydney, Perth and Auckland, and teleports in Broken Hill, Kalgoorlie and Auckland, we offer tailored and flexible satellite solutions to government and corporate entities working across the ANZ region and in geo-remote locations. Orion has a connectivity footprint and access to earth stations in 14 countries providing connectivity from India to New Zealand and China to Australia.

We are currently experiencing rapid growth with an increasing number of industries requiring geo-remote connectivity. Our customers include mining companies, local government, government departments as well as media and maritime services to name just a few.

We understand that connectivity is more than just having internet access. Reliable connectivity allows businesses to comply with OH&S standards and is key in maintaining the health and wellbeing of Australians in remote areas.

In addition, Orion provides critical connectivity as part of a disaster recovery plan for metropolitan based organisations. We recognise the importance and significance of protecting data and ensuring disaster recovery plans are effective and reliable.

Orion provides managed services to metropolitan organisations with remote offices, divisions and projects. We understand that our customers require dynamic and flexible satellite sometimes on limited timelines. Because of our expertise in satellite technology we offer tailored solutions to best meet the customer’s need and we strive to ensure customers have the best solution in place.



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The mining industry relies on geo-remote connectivity experts

The mining industry relies on geo-remote connectivity experts

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