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It combines a deep understanding of state of the art welding science, robotics technology, metallurgy and CAD software design to produce an automated 3D printing system operating in a freeform environment. This enables fast and efficient manufacture of components and structures, which are more cost-effective and have increased strength compared to traditional casting, forging or fabrication.

Building on the company’s unique expertise, achievements and continued relationships with Universities and scientific organisations (CSIRO & ANSTO), AML3D® Limited has further upgraded the manufacturing service bureau headquartered in Adelaide. It still remains the only metals diversified large-scale WAM® production facility in the Southern Hemisphere and is capable of producing finished parts and components to a certified standard under an accredited Quality Management System.

Entrepreneur’s Program support was used to establish the pilot operation, systems and software in order to demonstrate the technology. During this time several pilot trials were completed resulting in further software development, know-how and improvement of process procedures, and has been encompassed by the achievement of ISO9001 Quality Management Certification and AML becoming the world’s first accredited wire-feedstock Additive Manufacturing Facility through Lloyd’s Register (Singapore). This was successfully completed as of March 2019.

The initial objective was to establish a commercially viable contract service/manufacturing (facility), AM/3DP design engineering service, product sales of proprietary equipment, license of software, and consumable sales. This establishes an annuity earnings stream, which will develop and apply a flexible business model capable of expansion in terms of both geography and the extent and nature of services, through further investment by AML3D Limited.

Over the next two years, the Company plans to diversify its services and products into a CAD Design service to optimise design efficiency for customers, extend its market reach by building on the multiple trials undertaken to date including trials for overseas customers and to design and manufacture mobile 3D WAM® printers.




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Snap printing for the metal world

Snap printing for the metal world

AML3D disrupting traditional cast and forged manufacturing methods with 3D printing technology