Better blasting BME bets

EXPLOSIVES manufacturer BME has launched an electronic blasting system for miners, claiming it to be a “momentous” step forward for industry.
Better blasting BME bets Better blasting BME bets Better blasting BME bets Better blasting BME bets Better blasting BME bets

Paul Hunt

Senior Journalist: Energy & Commodities

Paul Hunt

According to BME, the AXXIS Titanium technology is one of the "world's most advanced" electronic blasting systems on the market.

The model is largely based on the AXXIS GII product BME has sold, albeit with refinements in safety, accuracy, flexibility and ease of use.

It is also able to speed up each blast with streamlined features.

The AXXIS Titanium model uses dual capacitors and dual voltage, which allows low voltage logging to avoid accidental detonations.

It also boasts an application specific integrated circuit chip, providing more memory and processing speeds. This means timing is made easier and centralised, while consuming less power.

BME global product manager Tinus Brits said the system could manage 1000 detonators per blasting box, doubling the previous model's capability.

"AXXIS has been proven in some of the largest mining blasts on record, giving mines the opportunity to conduct fewer blasts - thereby reducing downtime due to pit closures," he said.

The accuracy of the detonation delays have also been "further fine-tuned," according to Brits.

This latest model has a 0.02% firing accuracy, providing more consistent and quality blasting for better rock fragmentation.

Brits noted the firing accuracy would help make loading and crushing ore more efficient.

The AXXIS Titanium system is able to be integrated with other BME products including its Blastmap planning software, and post-blast analysis software.

BME noted Australia's coal mines were its most important market for the product that would be rolled out shortly.

BME AXXIS manager Hennie du Preez said with multiple seams requiring the loading of detonators to prevent contamination of coal with waste, longer firing delays were an important benefit.