Risk management course offered online

STARTING in July, the University of Queensland and the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre (MISHC) will offer the first Minerals Industry Risk Management course.

Staff Reporter

Engineers, managers and people working in safety, health, environment and risk management in the mining industry are most likely to benefit.


The four courses and degree are led by Professor Jim Joy, director of MISHC. The Minerals Industry Risk Management component is consistent with the competency requirement for AQF6 - Underground Coal Mine Manager.


Educators said the courses and degree have been designed by education professionals to maximise learning by using the latest techniques which are generally known as 'flexible learning'.


Apart from two days spent on campus, the entire course will be delivered on-line, using the most modern methods of delivery, Joy said. The on-line material will include case studies and games.


For further information contact: a.lee@epsa.uq.edu.au or visit MISHC website: www.mishc.uq.edu.au