Safety high on agenda for conference

MORE than 90 local check inspectors from coal mines across NSW attended a conference in Penrith to hear the latest mine safety information.

Staff Reporter

The conference, organised by the New South Wales Department of Mineral Resources, included strong representation from the Hunter, Illawarra and Lithgow regions.

In his opening address, director-general of the department, Alan Coutts, stressed the important role played by local check inspectors to the industry.

“The importance of the coal industry to NSW can never be underestimated nor can the vital role played by local check inspectors in representing those who work in the industry,” Coutts said.

“Check inspectors play an important role in making local mines safer,” he added.

Coutts said the NSW Government has provided nearly $14 million to make the state’s industry safer. In addition, the NSW government is currently undertaking a major review of mine safety.

This is the second year the NSW government has run the Local Check Inspectors Conference, which aims to provide the inspectors with updated information to assist in carrying out their role of representing mine workers.

“If what can be gained from the conference can in anyway result in one less accident, then it has been worthwhile,” Coutts said.