Who's coming to SME Denver 2011? Part 2

THE 2011 SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit, featuring the Colorado Mining Association 113th National Western Mining Conference, scheduled for February 27 to March 2 in Denver, is almost here. Check out another group of industry companies who will be joining guests on the exhibit floor next week.
Who's coming to SME Denver 2011? Part 2 Who's coming to SME Denver 2011? Part 2 Who's coming to SME Denver 2011? Part 2 Who's coming to SME Denver 2011? Part 2 Who's coming to SME Denver 2011? Part 2

Pillar Innovations' Electric Mine Utility.

Donna Schmidt


For its first appearance at the SME expo in Denver, Sensear – a leading manufacturer of high-noise communication and hearing protection devices – will showcase its unique line of devices to protect employees’ hearing while also enabling communication via face-to-face, mobile phone and two-way radio, maintaining situational awareness in the workplace.

Utilizing its advanced SENS technology (speech enhancement, noise suppression), products such as the SM1xSR Smart Short Range Muff feature a rugged design for heavy-duty and general use.

The SM1xSR earmuffs are simple to use, extreme-comfort communication devices that not only allow ear-muff to ear-muff communication beyond 85dB(A) but also face-to-face, two-way or cell phone, all without the need to remove hearing protection. Combining Bluetooth with SENS technology and a noise-cancelling boom microphone, the earmuffs offer the highest level of voice communication available on the market, with optimized hearing and speech clarity.

Other products on display relevant for the coal mining industry will include Sensear’s line of smaller profile Smart Plugs and Smart Muff variants, including helmet-mounted ear muffs and neck wraparounds. The latest range of products, Sensear’s intrinsically safe Smart Muffs, are designed for use in hazardous environments and will also be available for trial at SME.

Overland Conveyor

Overland Conveyor is ready to release its Bulk Flow Analyst version 11 and latest Chute Analyst version, and will be highlighting the new technology on the show floor in Denver.

The new versions are decidedly the most important release of these programs to date and offer many enhancements, including 3D geometry import, in-depth access to particle data and streamlined access to boundary forces. Version 11 offers integration with virtually every computer-aided design system by importing 3D CAD data via STEP, IGES, DXF and DWG formats using an optional 3D interface. Particle Motion Analyst, a new application shipping with version 11, gives users detailed access to particle data.

The results from PMA can be focused on a volume, a timeframe, and/or a particle speed, and the output is formatted for further analysis. Force Plotter has been replaced with Force Analyst, offering operators greater flexibility and control over the display of force results.

Bulk Flow Analyst and Bulk Flow Analyst Chute Edition are bulk material flow-simulation tools designed by engineers for engineers. Version 11 further differentiates the Overland Conveyor line of DEM products as powerful, yet easy to learn and use applications for engineers that have work to do.

Pillar Innovations

While Pillar Innovations’ booth at this year’s SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit will represent their full product line, it will feature the EMU – Electric Mine Utility – and the Fire Station fire suppression system.

The EMU is not a re-manufactured golf cart, but a purpose-built utility vehicle designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday mine duty. From spooling and retrieving mine cables, to moving material and aiding in the transport of injured miners, the EMU is easily configured to handle a multitude of tasks.

Currently, the EMU LT, EMU SD, EMU HD, EMU 6x6, and EMU CRU models are available, but engineers are working to develop even more models to service new and additional needs.

Fire Station makes use of a modular, pre-engineered design which allows mine operators to quickly and cost-effectively provide fire suppression coverage which meets or exceeds MSHA and National Fire Protection Association codes. In conjunction with clear installation guidelines and dedicated nationwide support from Pillar technicians, these modular components help operators avoid violations which could lead to hefty fines and downtime.

By reducing installation time and offering turn-key service, Pillar helps miners do what they do best – mine coal.


Strata Products is well known for its emergency refuge chambers and roof-support products and, as always, these products will be featured in its booth at SME. A scaled model chamber will be available for viewing and, in addition, some of Strata’s newest electronic safety products will be highlighted and demonstrated.

Strata CommTrac is Strata Safety’s completely wireless communications and tracking system, which recently completed its MSHA approval process. This system is fully wireless and communicates on a mesh network. It does not require a hardwire back-bone or external antennas. System components, a graphical user interface and product literature will be on display in the booth.

With proximity detection being a hot topic of discussion in all mining sectors today, Strata will feature product samples and live demonstrations of the HazardAvert proximity detection systems. Personnel will be on hand to answer questions for both coal mining and surface mining applications. Attendees are encouraged to visit and experience these systems firsthand.

Included in the Strata group will be personnel from Strata Mine Services to showcase an expanded portfolio of products and services. One featured new product will be an innovative, foam rock dust. This product offers significant advantages over traditional dry dust, such as providing more controlled application, more coverage during application and minimal float dust. That decrease in float dust eliminates the need to halt production during application.

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