India readies for ventilation conference

FOR the first time in its history, the International Mine Ventilation Congress will meet in Asia.

Donna Schmidt

This year’s event is scheduled for November 10-13 in New Delhi, India, and sponsored in part by the Indian School of Mines University.

The ninth conference will have several themes of discussion, including mine explosions, rescue and recovery, mine fans and natural ventilation pressure, monitoring, control and automation, diesel issues, spon com and mining health issues.

The hot topics of gasification and methane capture and utilization will also be discussed.

“Like [the] previous eight IMVCs, the ninth IMVC will provide a forum where mine ventilation and safety professionals, mine operators, academics, consultants, government and equipment manufacturers can meet to discuss and debate on all aspects that have long posed serious hazards affecting health and safety of miners,” organizers said, noting that exhibitions, tours and social programs are also on the schedule.

The Congress said it received a “tremendous response” to its call for abstracts, receiving over 170 abstracts from 17 countries such as the US and UK, Australia, China, South Africa, Russia, Poland and Germany, among others. Many papers also came from India.

Organizers are still reviewing the papers and are working to put the final touches on the program’s itinerary.

The inaugural International Mine Ventilation Congress was held in 1975 in South Africa, where it returned to in 1992. Since the first event, other host countries have included the US (1979 and 1997), UK (1984), Australia (1988 and 2005) and Poland (2001).

For more information or to register, visit the website of the International Mine Ventilation Congress.