Longwall technology workshops

CSIRO will be running a workshop in Moranbah and Maitland on a number of ACARP funded projects in September.
Longwall technology workshops Longwall technology workshops Longwall technology workshops Longwall technology workshops Longwall technology workshops

Courtesy David Barnes, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Mineral Resources.

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These free, full day sessions will run at

- Moranbah, Western Heritage Motor Inn, September 17

- Maitland, Country Comfort Monte Pio, New England Highway, September 19.

Longwall Automation

Over $6 million has been committed to advancing automation on longwalls. The longwall automation research team from CSIRO and CMTE (Centre for Mining Technology and Equipment) have achieved success with face alignment and condition monitoring. The active participation of the US and German longwall manufacturers has been confirmed.

Presenters: Mick Kelly, Dave Hainsworth, David Reid (CSIRO) and Hal Gurgenci (CMTE).

Roadway Development

This project has developed and is about to trial and exciting and innovative piece of equipment that will autonomously place roof and rib bolts and also convey up to 25 t/min from a miner. Remote bolters will be placed on the miner for forward support. These single pass resin anchored bolts have been designed and tested.

Presenters: Mick Kelly, Barry Wright, Dave Hainsworth (CSIRO).

Longwall Inertisation

What happens in the sealed goaf remains a mystery to most longwall mines and the industry continues to experience goaf heatings. A CSIRO team lead by Rao Balusu has invested a huge effort in this area. The advances made in the recent work at Dartbrook, Newlands and Central collieries offers industry a step forward in the understanding of this problem. CSIRO wishes to acknowledge the input from SIMTARS.

Presenters: Rao Balusu (CSIRO).

Longwall Top Coal Caving

The introduction of a second AFC into a thick seam longwall face works, in China. Australian mine operators have witnessed Chinese operations producing up to 7.5 million tonnes per annum with this technique. This is a joint project with the University of New South Wales, School of Mining Engineering.

Presenters: Barry Wright, Mick Kelly (CSIRO).

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