Mine safety and health experts unite

MINE safety and health professionals are invited to Las Vegas, Nevada later this month for the third annual Joint Western Regional Mine Safety and Health Conference.

Donna Schmidt

Scheduled for October 22-25 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the organisers - including the US Mine Safety and Health Administration - said they hope the event will allow for networking and partnership building that can help reduce injuries and illness and aid the community in getting to everyone's goal of zero fatalities.

Presentation topics on the itinerary include fall protection, acceptable safety hazards, ergonomics, proper rigging, hazard communications, tyre safety, mobile electrical training, behaviour-based safety and more.

Two featured speakers are also part of the annual gathering, including behavioural science expert Aubrey Daniels and occupational therapist and national presenter Michael Melnik.

The final morning of the conference, MSHA will again present its annual Sentinels of Safety awards for the western crowd.

Last year's event was held in Mesa, Arizona, with MSHA's David Dye delivering the keynote. Each event is sponsored in part by the University of Nevada-Reno's Fire Science Academy.

For more information, visit the agency's website.