Coal is as bad as asbestos: Bandt

GREENS MP Adam Bandt has restated his claim that coal is a “toxic substance” that should be treated the same way as asbestos, which can lead to death by mesothelioma.
Coal is as bad as asbestos: Bandt Coal is as bad as asbestos: Bandt Coal is as bad as asbestos: Bandt Coal is as bad as asbestos: Bandt Coal is as bad as asbestos: Bandt

Greens MP Adam Bandt.

Bandt told Sky News coal should be banned and he did not care about the thousands of jobs that would be lost from the destruction of the coal industry.
"If it's a toxic substance, you shouldn't be selling it," he said.
"We don't say, ‘well there are jobs in the asbestos industry so therefore we should allow asbestos mining to continue'."
Bandt's hard line on coal seems to be endorsed by Greens leader Richard di Natale.
When Bandt compared coal to asbestos in 2014, the then Greens leader Christine Milne apologised for him.
However, Bandt is resorting to a strident anti-coal message as he sees a struggle with the ALP in the forthcoming federal election over his seat of Melbourne.
Mining, exporting and using coal would be a crime punishable with seven years of jail if a proposed policy by Bandt is adopted.
He outlined the policy that made it illegal to dig, burn or ship thermal coal from 2030 as part of the Greens ongoing campaign against coal.
"Coal will hurt you," Bandt said. 
"In fact, it is hurting millions of people right around the world. Coal kills.
"This year, in winter, bushfires have scorched this country. One hundred per cent of NSW is in drought. The Arctic Circle is on fire.
"The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison government has given up on climate action. They've proven that they are incapable of enacting a coherent, effective climate policy."