BHP committed to robots in mining

BHP is working with government and research institutes to establish a mining industry-led Australian Robotics Cluster in Queensland.
BHP committed to robots in mining BHP committed to robots in mining BHP committed to robots in mining BHP committed to robots in mining BHP committed to robots in mining
BHP technology global transformation vice-president Rag Udd told the QODE Brisbane conference that the Queensland mining industry would work on the robotics cluster and other avenues of innovation to help the mining industry take a lead in adopting new technologies. 
"The Advance Queensland review is also an opportunity for Queensland, one of the world's leading resource producers to reaffirm its position as one of the sector's leading innovators - and lead the disruption," he said.
"Why do we want to lead - particularly in the areas of robotics and autonomy? To make our industries more productive. To make our operations more sustainable. To make the work of our people safer and their careers even more fulfilling and even more rewarding. 
"In doing so, we can continue to attract the talent we want and need."
Queensland has the opportunity to lead in mining and to make its economic strengths stronger through the adoption of new technologies.
"This is a partnership approach - with government, educators and other sector leaders - to future proof not only our industry ... but our state as a whole," Udd said.
"To do this, we must embrace disruption and collaboration - and engage in a frank conversation about what this actually means."
Rudd said BHP had created new roles and ways of working, forged opportunities, and harnessed the potential of a more inclusive and diverse workplace.
"Our Integrated Remote Operations Centre - or IROC as we know it - established just over two years ago, achieved gender balance from the outset," he said. 
"Located here in Brisbane, the IROC team manages our entire coal supply chain from pit to port.
"Equally importantly, the IROC created an extensive suite of training and upskilling opportunities for our people - many of whom were long-term miners." 
More than 50% of the IROC's mine control team formerly operated heavy vehicles. 
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