Can cows and coal coexist?

THAT is the topic of a book by University of Sydney energy and natural resources law expert Dr Madeline Taylor.
Can cows and coal coexist? Can cows and coal coexist? Can cows and coal coexist? Can cows and coal coexist? Can cows and coal coexist?

Dr Madeline Taylor.

Admittedly her book, co-authored by University of Aberdeen professor Tina Soliman-Hunter looks at coal seam gas issues but it does have some relevance for coal miners.
The book Agricultural Land Use and Natural Gas Extraction Conflicts calls for new regulatory approaches to address the coexisting of agricultural land and major natural resource projects.
Taylor said the federal approval of the groundwater plan for Adani Mining's Carmichael coal mine highlighted the conflicts arising between farmers and resources companies.
"Whether it is the contamination of groundwater, disruption of the agricultural industry or a loss of community autonomy, contestation and conflict is rife within the natural resources industry in Australia," she said.
"From coal mining in the Galilee Basin and coal seam gas extraction within the Surat and Bowen Basins to offshore petroleum drilling in the Great Australian Bight - the regulations and decisions surrounding these projects pre-empt sustainable energy policy battles."
The book, which explores novel ways to create more equitable and sustainable contractual agreements for farmers such as collective bargaining, is to be launched on April 17.