Disruption discord

WHY on earth hasn’t mining been disrupted like other big industries, some ask, and they point to little-changed mining processes, equipment, culture and strategy over half a century to back their view that the industry is still waiting for “true” disruption – probably from the outside. Others disagree.

Disruption discord Disruption discord Disruption discord Disruption discord Disruption discord

While some of mining's seminal internal advances, such as better mineral recovery techniques, bulk underground mining approaches, and smart drilling improvements are often cited as examples of the industry disrupting itself, there is a view that these are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

They cannot really be said to have fundamentally changed the look and feel of mining, much less the market's view of it.

Change at the top of the industry's pecking order? Not so much.

Easier to highlight the 2000s China boom, gold's relatively short time in orbit in the 1970s, or - perhaps at some stage - the electric vehicle battery jolt to niche-mineral markets, as disruptive to the extent that markets were, and are being, reshaped.

However, John Pfahl, corpo...