Fine for rogue miner

A ROGUE feldspar mine operator in New South Wales has copped a $60,000 fine for mining at the Oberon white granite quarry without authorisation.

Fine for rogue miner Fine for rogue miner Fine for rogue miner Fine for rogue miner Fine for rogue miner

Judgement day for Mudgee miner

The company, Mudgee Stone, was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of $40,000.
Mudgee Stone was caught red-handed back in March 2016 by the Department of Planning and Environment in a surprise inspection which found it had started development works at the quarry before the proper papers had been handed in to the department.
The company was fined $3000 by the department at the time.
Further investigations subsequently found that between February 2, 2015 and March 31, 2016, Mudgee Stone mined more than 36,000 tonnes of feldspathic material from the quarry.
This led to the charge under Section 5 of the Mining Act 1992, of mining without authorisation, from the NSW Resources Regulator.
Mudgee Stone director Robert Murdoch also appeared before the court after be...