Social responsibility learnings

IF THE mauling Rio Tinto directors received from shareholders at its recent Australian annual general meeting is anything to go by, social responsibility is becoming increasingly important. The Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy has developed a course to help miners with that.
Social responsibility learnings Social responsibility learnings Social responsibility learnings Social responsibility learnings Social responsibility learnings

AusIMM has launched a course on ESG and social responsibility.

At the Rio Tinto AGM shareholders, angry that former CEO Jean-Sebastian Jacques, Rio Tinto Iron Ore CEO Chris Salisbury and corporate relations chief Simone Niven all departing with virtually all their entitlements intact despite being at the heart of last year's Juukan Gorge disaster, knocked back the company's remuneration report.

In May 2020 Rio Tinto set off a blast as part of works at its Brockman 4 mine in Western Australia's Pilbara, that destroyed two 46,000 year old rock shelters in the Juukan Gorge

The company had government approval to mine the area, however, the Traditional Owners the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura peoples wanted the sites protected.

As the AGM shows, almost one year later Rio Tinto is still feeling the impact of that blast.

AusIMM released its social responsibility statement last year and has followed that with an online course focusing on environmental, social and governance, and social responsibility.

The ESG/SR Professional Certificate will begin on August 2 and be global in scope.

It will comprise 40 hours of professional development and examine ESG/SR through critical thinking and resources sector experience.

Content will focus on evaluating ESG/SR risk, threats and opportunities and provide insights on developing workplace responses, execution, assurance and performance reporting.

The course is designed to cater for managers and leaders, consultants and professionals across all disciplines.

AusIMM CEO Stephen Durkin said the professional certificate would help improve the workforce's understanding of what social responsibility meant for them in their jobs.

"With ESG and social responsibility criteria being monitored by mining industry stakeholders more closely than ever before, AusIMM is leading the way to upskill and educate our global community," he said.