Way to prevent dusty death

A CURTIN University study predicts 10,000 Australian workers will develop lung cancer in their lifetime from being exposed to respirable crystalline silica dust, which occurs in many industries including mining.
Way to prevent dusty death Way to prevent dusty death Way to prevent dusty death Way to prevent dusty death Way to prevent dusty death

Exposure to dust can be deadly for miners.

Curtin researchers developed what they call the future excess fraction approach to estimate the future number of lung cancer cases arising from occupational RCS exposure.

While stone masons are considered a prime risk category - particularly those involved with the manufacturing and processing of engineered stone - miners are also considered to be at risk.

The Australian Workers Union claims its campaign to highlight the dangers of silica dust has been vindicated by the Curtin study.

AWU national secretary Dan Walton said while those in the engineered stone sector had to be protected, they were the tip of the silicosis iceberg.

"Workers are exposed to silica dust in tunnelling, quarrying, cement work, mining, construction and other industries and must be given equal consideration when it comes to action to protect workers from silica dust," he said.

"We will see a tsunami of silicosis in the coming years and decades if swift preventative, regulatory and compensatory measures are not quickly adopted by governments around the nation to protect workers from exposure to silica dust."