Quick start-ups for a number of things

LOOKING for the one device to start them all? Ampcontrol has the Rockstarter, which can be powering a pump one day and firing up a drill the next.
Quick start-ups for a number of things Quick start-ups for a number of things Quick start-ups for a number of things Quick start-ups for a number of things Quick start-ups for a number of things

The Rockstarter can start several items.

The Rockstarter controls a single power outlet rated up to 250 amps/1.1 kilovolts and incorporates an integrally designed circuit breaker, contactor and all protection functions into the one unit.

It is completely extensible with the ability to connect up to four units via an integrated through-feed bus.

Being multi-voltage, Rockstarter is suitable for use at 415V, 690V and 1000V in alternating current, IT earthed systems.

It also has a post-blast start option; digital input and output and Ethernet network connectivity; a radio frequency identification tag reader; and integrated outlet test system.

Ampcontrol global product manager Scott Dallen said Rockstarter had been two years in the making.

"We went underground many times at our customers' sites and collaborated with them on the Rockstarter product specifications and functional design," he said.

"We asked them about issues with their existing equipment, how they used it and what their pain points were and took this feedback to create a completely new product specifically for the hard rock mining sector.

"We understand the process for specifying, procuring and delivering compliant, custom-built equipment can be complex and time-consuming.

"We wanted to reduce customer effort and delivery timelines by providing a versatile solution that gives customers the freedom to reuse the product across multiple applications.

"Just like a standard drive or relay, Rockstarter completely alleviates the need for customer engineering, specification and design."

Rockstarter underwent rigorous underground field testing with New South Wales customers between April and August.

"We received very positive feedback from our field trials," Dallen said.

"The units performed extremely reliably and to specification, resulting in us receiving multiple pre-orders during this process, which just supports our expected demand for this product in the hard rock mining sector."