Sandvik's new continuous miner

SANDVIK has extended its range of continuous miners with the release of a compact heavyweight option, the MC350.
Sandvik's new continuous miner Sandvik's new continuous miner Sandvik's new continuous miner Sandvik's new continuous miner Sandvik's new continuous miner

The MC350 is a compact heavyweight continuous miner for all seam conditions.

Marion Lopez

Designed for all seam conditions in mid-size room and pillar applications, the MC350 delivers its best performance in coal and potash mining when space is limited and high cutting power is required.

The double-pass, track-mounted miner comes equipped with a cutter power motor of 300 kilowatts to ensure high cutting force and shear-up capability.

Its compact design keeps it at a low height of 1.03m but at a heavy weight of 60 tonnes.

Cutting width achieves 3.5m and cutting height varies between 1.5-3.1m. An integrated scrubber allows a selectable left/right discharge and water spray bars, also selectable left/right, provide dust control.

On the conveyor, the miner can load 10-30t of material per minute.

The MC350 has low ground pressure of 26 newtons per square metre and a sturdy design which Sanvik says comprises high-wear resistant plates on the conveyor and gathering head.

The machine also features an on-board health-monitoring visualisation screen for predictive maintenance, as well as load-sensing hydraulics with continuous fluid filtration and cooling.

Operation is semi-automated and a proximity detection system can be fitted to improve safety.

Sandvik Mining product line manager, underground coal and minerals Bruno Reumueller said the MC350 was a worthy addition to the MC range for “cost-efficient operations”.

“Thanks to a higher weight class, shear-up capability and loading and conveying modules, our continuous miners can improve productivity by 10-20% compared to other continuous miners in their range,” he said.

“In addition, extended operating time between overhauls and a cost per tonne that is equal or better than other continuous miners make this a very attractive offering.”

Other Sandivk continuous miners comprise the MC250, MC430 and MC470.