Flashback: US coal

THEY say there is no rest for the weary and that is as true today as it was in this undated photo that appears to have come from the early 1900s.
Flashback: US coal Flashback: US coal Flashback: US coal Flashback: US coal Flashback: US coal

Photo courtesy of the US government's Bureau of Mines Collection.

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Published in the December 2013 Coal USA Magazine



Though, admittedly, today’s crews would have a bit of a different reaction – and likely a greater sense of urgency – to broken-down haulage equipment.


As we go to press, there have been 19 coal mining-related fatalities recorded in the US – with a staggering seven of those related to powered haulage. A large percentage of deaths have also occurred at the nation’s underground operations versus facilities and surface mines. Another untold number of accidents in this classification have resulted in injuries throughout 2013.


While many of the recorded incidents from this and past years could have benefited from the use of technology such as proximity protection, it is clear that – no matter what year it is – that there is no substitute for awareness of oneself and those working nearby. Machinery can be replaced, but even the most cutting edge technology cannot replace the human life.


Photo courtesy of United States Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration, National Mine Health and Safety Academy Technical Information Center and Library, Bureau of Mines Collection.

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