Ambre wires new system across US mines

THERMAL coal miner Ambre Energy has signed a $US2 million deal with software company Ventyx to integrate a new management and planning system across all its US mines.
Ambre wires new system across US mines Ambre wires new system across US mines Ambre wires new system across US mines Ambre wires new system across US mines Ambre wires new system across US mines

Image courtesy of Ventyx

Justin Niessner

Ventyx’s Ellipse 8 system will be standardized in Ambre operations enabling enterprise asset management and enterprise resource planning through a series of modules and ongoing maintenance services from the Atlanta-based software company.

Ambre corporate controller Darin Adlard explained the miner’s strategy.

“We are actively building an integrated thermal coal mining and export business in the US and require business solutions that support our rapid-growth strategy,” he said.

“With functionality that uniquely supports our requirements as a mining operation, Ventyx Ellipse 8 will help manage our complex assets and distributed workforce while reducing risk – and it possesses the scalability and functionality we need as we develop long-term mining operations, and build out the logistical infrastructure to expand our markets.”

Ventyx chief operating officer Craig Jones said the software provider was pleased to see the system embraced by a growing number of mining companies.

“An emerging leader in export thermal coal, Ambre Energy joins a steadily expanding base of Ellipse 8 customers in North America and around the world,” he said.

According to the software provider, 18 of the world’s 20 largest mining companies rely on Ventyx systems.

Ambre Energy produces and exports thermal coal in the US and Australia is planning to develop the Morrow Pacific project, a coal barging and transhipping project on the Columbia River, to provide an export route for Powder River Basin coal to the Asia-Pacific market.

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