Georgia Power plant explodes

THERE were no major injuries in an explosion at the Plant Bowen coal-fired power plant yesterday roughly 50 miles northwest of Atlanta.
Georgia Power plant explodes Georgia Power plant explodes Georgia Power plant explodes Georgia Power plant explodes Georgia Power plant explodes


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Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen was offline for maintenance on Thursday afternoon when unit 2 experienced an explosion, according to a company statement.

“All employees, including full-time staff and contractors, have been accounted for and no serious injuries have been reported,” the statement said.

“Georgia Power is working with local first responders to ensure the safety of all employees at the facility, as well as evaluating and containing any damage to the facility.

“This incident presents no danger to the community.

“All of the plant’s four units are currently offline, pending the conclusion of the investigation.”

The company said it had contingencies in place to ensure power services would not be interrupted.

Georgia Power posted on Twitter that there were four minor injuries sustained from the explosion which, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, were a minor leg injury treated at a local hospital and three other people treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The plant sustained structural damage but the extent of the damage was not immediately known.

The explosion remains under investigation.

Plant Bowen is Georgia Power’s second-largest coal-fueled plant in the state and employs more than 400 people, though all were not working at the time of the explosion.

Plant Bowen has four coal-fired generating units with a rated power output of more than 3000 megawatts.

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