Washington woman killed by coal train

OFFICIALS suspect suicide in an investigation of a train accident involving a 25-year-old woman struck by a Burlington Northern Santa Fe coal train in Washington over the weekend.

Donna Schmidt

According to state news outlet iFiber One, Grant County Coroner Craig Morrison identified the victim as Christina Celeste Hernandez.

The incident occurred in Ephrata at about 9.45am local time June 22 and involved a BNSF train traveling from British Columbia to Montana.

A railroad official said the average speed of trains in the area was about 50 miles per hour.

The line and local roads were closed for several hours due to the investigation, and local officials told the paper the train was found to be empty.

Grant County sheriff's officials have reportedly cited suicide as the cause based on interviews with the train’s operators as well as a suicide note found on the body.

BNSF did not release a public statement on the incident Monday.

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